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True Success In Life

Inspirational Works Poetry 

By Kevin B. Wells


For one to obtain true success in life, one must successfully obtain true meaning of life, by way of God.

To obtain true meaning of life, via God, one must be committed to, the quest of, development of , intimacy with the Lord.

The quest for intimacy begins with recognition of the Lord’s blessings: life, love, and salvation.  It venture to appreciation, restoration, and communication which  is simply prayer and praise.

Prayer and praise, on a regular basis leads directly into meditation, which is listening to God.

Meditation helps one to understand the various ways God can communicate with us, which includes people, places, situations, and events, among  other things.

When one realizes that God gives direction and guidance to us in many ways, it is miraculously revealed by God, that His will for us,  can be identified by us, and that is actually come from His spirit within us.

When the will of God is divulged, one needs only the desire and power to carry out God’s will in their life, in order to obtain true success in life.

So pray for the power, the desire is already there.


Kevin B Wells






Copyright @ 2008 Kevin B Wells


Kevin B Wells is a Minster, Poet, Educator, Community Advocate, and Family Man, but most importantly, a man of God... In addition to holding positions in education, with PPS/ Board of Ed for the past 30 years, he is the Executive Director and CEO of the Baker Wells House, a multi-dimensional nonprofit, social services organization. His passion is to please God with his services to humanity. Enjoy, read, and feed on his work. And like he always says, "To God be the glory!" KBW Attachments area

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